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"ThreePeat" 1st Place Again!

AUGUST 2018 Shotgun News

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone that belongs to Oakland County Sportsman Club has had an opportunity to get by our grounds and see just how great everything looks around here. It just goes to prove what cooperation of our members can accomplish with a little effort. If all this could be done with such a small group of our members, just think what this club could look like all the time if everyone did their share.

Many thanks to all who have pitched in over the past few months so we could all be proud to say we are members of such an outstanding club during our 75th anniversary celebration.

I personally would like to thank Mary Jane Soucey for her work in planting our annuals. She has done such a beautiful job for many years making the front of the shotgun club one of the nicest buildings on our grounds year after year.

Please come over to shotgun and see the veteran memorial that was installed under our sign out front. This memorial was a task that was completed by Mike and Denise Stoutenburg, with some help from Dan Valentini, in unbearable heat.

However, the response from some of our club veterans was well worth the sacrifice we made in that heat to honor them and their brothers who gave the ultimate sacrifice to insure our freedoms.

Happy 75th anniversary to O.C.S.C. and with continued patronage and service from many volunteers, may our club be able to survive another 75 years.

Another way to keep our club surviving is to come out and shoot your favorite shotgun shooting sports. Hope to see you soon on the ranges.

As Always,

Stay Safe-Shoot Often,

Dan Valentini

O.C.S.C -Shotgun President