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Front Enders Muzzleloader Group

Well, you've finally found Oakland County's best kept secret! Set deep into the backwoods of Clarkston Michigan is a group of squatters you'd be glad to have on your land. If you have nostalgia for the old times, an interest in living history, or hunting and surviving like it used to be, this is for you!


Our club routinely holds competitions for primitive muzzleloaders. These events include knife and tomahawk throwing contests, fire starting competitions, primitive archery, pistol and of course the shooting match. Could you have put meat on the table? Typically we have between sixty and eighty contestants at any given event. These will be men, women, and children ranging in ages from ten years old and up!


Don't mind their mugs or how they dress, this is the friendliest group of people that you will meet anywhere! If you'd like to participate give our club a call or e-mail our muzzle loading contact. If you'd like to come and take a look around to see what it's all about, please do the same!


Knives and tomahawks are thrown on our seven station throwing range. Sometimes these will be at silhouettes, other times at playing cards for a poker round or maybe just at the logs themselves.


Fire starting is done with flint & steel. This is usually a timed event that could be as simple as starting a fire. It may be starting a candle and burning a string. It could be as complicated as burning a string to release a log and then sticking the swinging log with your knife or hawk! Don't have a clue how to? Neither do I but it's still a lot of fun!


Our shooting range has fourteen shots that range from ten yards out to about sixty yards. We hold rifle, trade gun and pistol competitions! Targets include =" steel clangers, clay pots, skewers, chains, fruits and vegetables, and other items that would make you wonder if we're crazy! All guns must be a primitive type caplock or flint, shooting patched round ball only!


If you haven't shot a real muzzle loading gun before you're in for a real treat. These guns work very well and are extremely accurate! They also put a little more of the shooter themselves back into the shot. Don't be surprised when you find yourself leaving the deer rifle in the safe!


Some of our members come simply to enjoy camp life! What could be better than this? If you enjoy camping but don't like the ruckus of the radios and TV's and the sight of satellite dishes at every camp, then this is the spot for you!


There's nothing like camping in a primitive camp. Sleeping the night through on a cot in an old canvas tent will do wonders for the spirit! Cooking with cast iron over a real fire will turn any grillers crank!


You'd be surprised how easy it is to submerge yourself in the atmosphere without the headaches of today's world. If you've ever watched the old civil or revolutionary war period movies and wondered what that would be like, this is where to find your answer. There is nothing as peaceful to look at during the night as forty primitive camps lit up only by candle light and the small remains of a cooking fire!


If you're still not sure about diving in completely, come on out for the day and join us! If you'd like to spend the weekend with us, we have a limited number of modern sites available for your camper. We also have indoor plumbing and hot water showers available for most of the year!